Welcome to Rich Red Angus

2018 Calving

Calving is coming to a close for the spring 2018 season.  We have been busy battling the cold and calving approximately 225 head.  We have enjoyed seeing the fruits of our labor with breeding and watching the little ones grow!  We are very excited about the calves coming out of our AI and ET programs as well as the positive impact our natural service sires are having on our herd!


Our family has been staying busy in all of their endeavors.
Our oldest, Andy, and his wife Lauryn both work in law enforcement and recently had their second son making them a family of 5!
Ryan and his wife Allison also recently became a family of 5 welcoming their second son as well!  They have been busy managing their cattle at their farm and working together through Ryan’s ag drainage and land improvement company.
Our daughter, Suzanne, and her husband Jon have had their hands full with their two daughters and one son while working on selling their house to move closer to church and the kid’s school.  Suzanne is a very talented photographer and Jon works for Grinnell Mutual.
Nick has been working on the farm full time for a few years now in crop production and has been working on growing his registered herd.  His wife, Jess, has been busy raising their two daughters and has recently taken on the bookkeeping and organizational responsibilities related to the Rich Red Angus herd.
And finally our youngest, Christian, and his wife Katie have recently moved back near the farm with their herd of registered cattle.  Christian works for Vermeer and helps out when he can on the farm with his cattle.  Katie has been busy raising their son and is expecting our 13th grandchild this summer!