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Complete Herd Dispersal-Live Animals-PAST SALE

70 yearling registered Red Angus bulls
55 yearling registered Red Angus heifers
130 registered Red Angus pairs
20 Red Angus sired commercial heifers

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Yearling Bull Supplement Sheet

Yearling Registered and Commercial Heifer Supplement Sheet

2020 Calf Supplement Sheet – Cow/Calf Pairs

 Due to the time of year and quantity of animals being offered,
we have a limited number of photos in the catalog.
We urge you to watch the videos on DVAuction.com to view all the lots of the sale in its entirety.

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After 39 years in agriculture, the time has come for Rich Red Angus to transition into the next phase. The Lord owns the cattle and it’s time to let them go. We have enjoyed growing Rich Red Angus as a family with countless trips across the country to Louisville, Denver, Fort Worth and of course the Iowa State fair just to name a few. However, the kids who used to be leading those cattle now have kids of their own and it’s time to focus on that generation. With new knees and the years slipping by, it’s time we step aside. We are very excited about the offering as a whole. This is an outstanding group of calves sired by some of the best bulls available. The bulls and heifers have performed very well and will make their mark on the herds of their new owners. We are so grateful for the years we’ve got to spend as a family raising Red Angus cattle and we hope these cattle serve you well for years to come.

Dispersal Graphic

All registered yearling animals have been genotyped, sire verified, tested BVD free, ultrasound scanned, passed a breeding exam, and received breeding shots prior to the sale.