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About Us

sbp_9706-editRich Red Angus is a family owned and operated farming operation that specializes in the development of high quality, influential, Red Angus seed stock. In 1984 we purchased our first Red Angus females at the Iowa Beef Expo. After that, we purchased our first Red Angus bull out of the famed James Red Angus breeding program and never looked back.

In 2000, “the boys” (Ryan, Nick, and Christian) decided they wanted to show cattle at the State Fair and the National Western Stock Show in Denver. After meeting many great people at these events we knew the Red Angus industry was something we wanted to be a part of. This helped us to make it a goal to raise the best cattle we possibly could.

With that goal in mind, we began to take a progressive approach to developing a uniform and high performing set of cattle through the use of embryo transplant, in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination. With our focus on producing balanced cattle that excel in both phenotype and genotype; we are able to offer customers high quality, consistent bulls and replacement heifers.